Chapter 3: Knight in Shining Armor FailMature

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Fujitsu got inside, hoping Aria was alright.

Then he saw what surprised him: Aria was sitting on the corpses of at least three dead Stygian Assassins, trying to regain her breath. Her dress was torn and tattered, and she had a few cuts here and there, but otherwise she was fine. She smiled at him.

"What kept ya? I had to deal with these all myself with only Karkid as help. Isn't that right, Kid?" They looked up and saw Karkid was hauling the body of another Stygian Assassin on top of the pile. Aria just smiled.

Fujitsu was a little disappointed, kinda hoping to ride in like a knight in shining armor kind of thing, but "damsel in distress" could take care of herself rather well.

Surprisingly well.

Fujitsu wondered how someone like her was able to pull this off without receiving any real lasting damage to herself, but he disregarded it. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

He help Aria up, and with Karkid and Lynn behind them, ran out to finish Wessel's twisted scheme.

The End

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