Chapter 3: Killing the Commander, Except its Not the CommanderMature

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Fujitsu was appreciating the extra help from Lynn. Beforehand, Fujitsu had been receiving cuts, some gashes, but the good thing was that the Commander, too, was getting his fair share of injuries. Better yet, it was getting exhausted. Unlike Fujitsu, the Stygian didn't have an abundance of energy at its disposal. It wasn't going to last much longer at this rate.
Now the swordsman was just swinging its blade, trying to land the smallest blow on Fujitsu, but he just kept dodging gracefully and with ease. He was even regaining some energy. The Stygian was now leaning on his sword, trying to catch his breath. It was in the perfect position to be killed.
Fujitsu frowned and made a sad face. "Awww... but I don't want to kill you!" He continued to stare at the Commander, who was glaring back with hatred in its eyes. Fujitsu sighed, his mind set. Why was he hesitating now?
He walked up to the Stygian, who grasped its blade tightly, prepared to strike Fujitsu... but then he wasn't there anymore. Lynn was surprised, too. He was in front of the Commander one second, behind him the next, in a position that looked like he just made a huge cut horizontally.
They were like that, frozen for a few seconds. Then, without warning, blood started splurging from everywhere on the swordsman, which fell in a heap of of body parts. She calculated that if she were to put it back together, the cuts would form a right-side up triangle on top of an upside-down triangle... the one associated with the Devil.
Fujitsu was panting heavily and sweating a whole lot, tipping the blade down, allowing the blood to slide off of the swallow. He stood up, and looked at Lynn. "That was my best technique. 'Nihontou no Roku-Roku-Roku', if you were curious."
He then ran back inside to aid Aria.

The End

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