Chapter 3: Joining the FightsMature

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Conrad wasn't doing too bad against his foe. Granted, right now, the barrel and stock of his rifle were what he was mostly using as a weapon, since he didn't have a clip in the well of his gun. But he did in the pistol, which he had loaded before hand, but he hadn't gotten time to check his rifle's clips to find charge levels before this. Block, stock stock barrel, 180, block, barrel stock barrel, 180, cut, stock stock stock, 180... On and on it went, before Conrad finally got fed up with it, and on the next 180 turn he made, he was drawing his pistol, and the shot rang out as a red mist of blood, as well as a large chunk of the back of it's head vanished thanks to the bullet. "One Tango down." Conrad called out, finally checking his charges, and found a full one for his rifle, and slid it into place, pressing the charge button, and sighted the one Lynn was avoiding rather then fighting, before sending a quick 3 round burst into it. "Two Tangos down. Lynn, remember, you have a GUN. Use it next time." Conrad said, stepping towards teh door, even as he heard the sound of fighting going on with it. Seeing the largest Stygian he had seen yet, Conrad grunted. No sign of that Click fellow, but the sight of a bolt coming from one road got his attention. "Lynn, help teh others, I think Click is gonna need some support!" Conrad said, before slipping past Fujitsu and the Stygian Commander's fight, heading for the side road he saw another bolt fly out of. Stepping around the corner, Conrad spotted the man who threw them into jail, busy fighting Click.

Lynn meanwhile, was already planning for the next few moves for Fujitsu. "Block low then swing high!" Lynn called out to him, seeing the next move as a low sweep of the Stygian Commander's blade to try and cut Fujitsu's legs off at the knee. She wasn't a fighter, despite what Conrad said. She knew how to use the gun, but it didn't mean she wanted to.

Back on Conrad's side of things, he was already aimming. "Click, stand aside. Don't worry, he'll live, but he isn't exactly gonna be painfree." Conrad said, having a clean shot at hitting Wessel's leg. That would be enough to drop the smug bastard, and disarm him before he tried anything, hopefully.

The End

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