Chapter 3: Ironic TraitorMature

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Aria heard this speech from Click, and honestly was impressed. So much so she let her guard down.

The Stygian Assassin attacked, and Aria noticed it just in time to dodge. It managed to scratch her with it's clawed gauntlets, but it was only a scratch. Nothing to worry about. Aria then took her dagger and slammed it right into it's neck, blood spraying everywhere. Aria, now dripping with blood, turned to Fujitsu and said: "Go on... I'll catch up with you when this is over!" She winked at him, and turned her attention to the remaining Stygians.


Wessel sat there, at a loss. He was angry. Angry at Xeranad for betraying him like this... but wasn't that the irony? The traitor had been betrayed, and now left to face his demise. Wessel started to laugh. He had nothing... everything he had done... was to ensure the continued survival of Escartes... and this was the payback.

Wessel sighed, looked at the Stygian Commander, and smirked. "Help your buddies inside... I'll take care of ze so called legendary hero Click. Let's see how vell he handles me..." He grabbed his crossbow, mounted on his back... which had been dipped in the drug earlier that day. "I knew zis vould come in handy."

The End

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