Chapter 3: Fooling Yourself= First Signs of ProblemsMature

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Click thought for a second, the only one done fighting was Fujitsu. Wessel! He remembered his face. Guilt, surpise, fear, anticipation. Those Stygians were carrying something. What?

Click swallowed, he wasn't about to chase him down alone. He looked back at that smoking body, or was he? No, Fujitsu was done, and just standing there. 

"We have to go!" Click ran past him.


"We have to go! Wessel taking that stuff somewhere and he's working with Xeranad, and that face, we caught him in the middle of doing something bad. We have to go now!!" He yelled.

"What about them?"

Click rolled his eyes, "Beleive in them, they aren't kids. We have to stop Wessel, at all costs!"

Wow, my acting is so good, I almost beleived myself.

The End

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