Chapter 3: Useful Paranoid ArmorMature

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Before, when Fujitsu was fighting the Stygian Bandit, he had been at a major disadvantage, mainly due to the fact that traps had been set up and they were sneaky little bastards. The latter still applied, but since they had caught the Assassins off guard, and they were in the castle, there weren't any traps that could have been set up, so this was an even playing field. At least somewhat.
Fujitsu had ditched his sword in a safe location in favor of his fists, constantly switching stances in an effort to mislead the assassin, and was moving even faster than when he was fighting the Dark Lord. So fast, in fact, he was breaking a small sweat, and the assassin was on the defensive.
Fujitsu got a blow on his shoulder, in the ribs, chest, groin... but the assassin was still standing. Then, the Stygian went to Fujitsu with what seem to be a heelpalm, and it got in, but that wasn't its purpose. Right before it hit his chest, a hidden blade popped out of the sleeve, and penetrated. Fujitsu moved back, but not fast enough to avoid the hit. The two of them stood there for a couple of seconds. Then Fujitsu smirked and snapped the elbow, forcing his opponent to pull back in pain.
"Nice try, but..." Fujitsu began. "I have armor under this kimono, so I'm not dying any time soon." He pulled back part of the kimono to show a hole in his armor, which did actually have some blood seeping through, but it wasn't so much that you could tell it wasn't too bad of an injury.
Fujitsu seemed to vanish and reappear right in front of the Stygian, delivering a hard chop to his/ her/ its neck, or more specifically, the jugular vein. The assassin's hands slowly went to his neck, before dropping dead.
Fujitsu pursed his lips. He really wished that he didn't have to kill it, but he knew he had no choice. It was a servant of Xeranad's, and it must be disposed of.... Or, at least, that's what he wanted to think.
He looked around. The only person to have killed the Stygian that they had been paired up with was Click, and his opponent was smoldering. It didn't surprise Fujitsu in the least, because he saw the gunpowder beforehand, and knew that he would have to use it.
Fujitsu strode over to the place where he had left his swallow (behind a suit of armor), and rearmed himself with it. He looked over the members that were still fighting, and waited to jump in with the first person who started to have problems.

The End

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