Chapter 3: The One and Only... Soon.Mature

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Click read and moved as fast he could. Left, right, duck, side-step, left, left, right. The Assassin kept attacking as fast as he could, but Click's skills at reading made him nearly impossible for him to touch.

On the other hand, at the rate this assassin was going at, he couldn't keep this up for ever.

Suddenly a plan hit him, he kept dodging and waiting for his move, then he backed back through the door way. "You were ordered to kill me, well, I'm WAITING!!" he shouted.

The assassin sprinted for him, Click grabbed his shield and small pouch he had preparred at the store, "You should learn something-" He leapt up and back throwing the pouch at him, "I'm Click. THE Click." he held the shield in front of him.


Click fell back to his back, the Stygian to his, but the Stygian was burning. Click walked up, and with a few seconds of hesitation, let his blade drope, and finished him.

"Or, at least I'm going to be Click."

The End

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