Chapter 3: Why You Never Trust a Villain and Why This Guy Ist StupidMature

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Wessel's paled face showed how big of a coward he really was. He backed away slowly, smiling nervously, as if trying to convince himself there was a way out of this.

Wessel snapped his fingers and pointed at the group in front of him, the heroes. "Get zem! Get zem avay from me! Keel zem!" A group of Stygians walked forward, about five at least, and armed with nasty looking claws... Stygian Assassins. Much faster than the Bandits, these things acted like their namesake: their only purpose is to kill. The rest of them, Stygian Swordsman, lifted the crate and kept moving, the Stygian Commander giving orders. They left the heroes to their fate at the hands of the Stygian Assassins.

Aria stood there, more than a little annoyed. "In the course of two days, I have been knocked around like a rag doll, punched in the gut, locked in a prison cell, and locked in a stupid white room. I am not in a good mood." She drew her dagger and charged, barely grazing one of the Stygians, causing it to bleed.

Karkid wasn't happy about Aria's aggression towards his 'brothers', but he saw no other way around it. He reluctantly attacked himself, but was hardly any help at all here, as the Stygian Assassin he faced moved faster than he did, and Kid was only able to get a single shot in.

Everyone else was faced with a Stygian Assassin, staring at them with their ghost white eyes... their claws scrapping against the ground.


Wessel managed to get outside of the palace, but ran out of breathe, unable to continue. "Damn zem... zey should haff stayed in zeir cells... it vould haff been easier for all of us zat vay." He breathed heavily, and saw, right in front of him:

His master. Lord Xeranad Lekard.

Wessel stood, eager and pleased. "Zank you, my lord. Zank you for coming to my aid."

Xeranad looked at him with confusion. "Your aid? Oh, my dear naive Wessel. I didn't come to help you... I didn't come to help anyone other than myself. How you handle this problem is no concern of mine. If anything... you are getting what you deserve."

Wessel's eyes widened in fear. "Vhat? But... I zought... zat we had an agreement! Zat you vould help me vhen zings get problematic!"

Xeranad laughed, a cold, high pitched cackle. "Kyahahaaaa! Do you remember me even saying that? I don't recall ever making such a promise with you. I simply came and got what I wanted. I will leave Escartes alone is all I said, I never said anything about getting involved. So, you need to take charge here. It's your fault they are trying to kill you. Not my problem." He grabbed one of the crates and hoisted it into a wagon. He grabbed the next one and did the same, Wessel standing there, flabbergasted.

"Vhat should I do, zen? Vait for zhem to kill me?"

Xeranad stared at him. "What happens next... is up to you. I'll leave my Stygian soldiers here to help, but that's it. Use them as you see fit. It's what they were made to do... obey. And my children never disobey their daddy." With that, he ordered a disguised Stygian to get the crates out of Escartes, and it complied. Xeranad vanished in a cloud of shadows... leaving Wessel alone with a small group of Stygians...

Alone... to fight for himself.

The End

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