Chapter 3: I'll Kill Them on my Own With it!Mature

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The gang was silently hugging the walls of the dungeon, sneaking their way past the occasional guard(s) in an effort to find a way out of the underground tunnel. Fujitsu wasn't being trusted with finding the exit this time, since he led them into the solitary room (as Click had informed them). This time Click was leading them, and expertly doing so. They were able to evade the guards with ease thanks to his excellent eyesight and hearing.
"So, why aren't we going through the sewer and back up to Escartes?" Aria asked.
Click answered in a whisper. "You'll need your weapons back if you want to be able to defend yourselves, and this is a good time to try and find dirt on Wessel so that we can prove our innocence."
They crept up to a corner about a full minute later. Click checked, then looked back at the group. "Alright, I've got good news, and some bad news. The good news is that we found the exit." The group let out a collective sigh of relief. "The bad news is that there are three guards down that hall." There was now an exasperated breath among everybody.
"So how do we get past?" whispered Aria.
Fujitsu, who was right behind her, moved up to the front of the line. "I'll try to sneak up to them in the shadows and snap their necks, but they'd have time to call out...."
Karkid hopped up to Fujitsu and made some noises. He figured that he wanted to help, and after what he saw him do to that one unfortunate guard, he nodded to let him know that he would accept his offer.
Conrad stepped up to the front as well, brandishing his knife. He didn't say anything, but Fujitsu knew some of the things he could do without them being able to yell in time. He nodded once more.
Fujitsu crouched down on all fours and began crawling silently around the corner soundlessly, like a cat (of course, he had to take off his sandals), and Karkid followed suit, while Conrad stopped at the corner, aiming at one of the burly men. Fujitsu made himself so small that he almost blended perfectly with the shadows, only after taking his cloak out, however. Karkid naturally blended in, so he wasn't a problem. When they were about three feet from the guards, Fujitsu gained speed, grabbed and threw Karkid at one of the guards, grabbed the head of the nearest guard and swiftly twisted his neck, snapping it, and the knife that Conrad had found its way in its target's neck. Fujitsu ran up to him and heelpalmed his neck, then immediately heelpamed the area over his heart, and a second later had a heart attack and died. Karkid's opponent had been silenced by a familiar looking weapon....
"Hey!" Aria said. "That's my dagger!"
She withdrew it from the corpse, wiped it off on the bandage that Fujitsu gave her, and put it in her belt.
"Alright," Click said. "Let's get out of here."
He was the first one to reach the door and he went through it. However, a second later a loud grunt could be heard from the outside. Fujitsu sprinted through the doorway and found an even more buff man holding holding Click's neck, his body against the wall.
"You really didn't think that we'd leave the outside unguarded, too, did'ja?" he mumbled. "Oh well, at least I'll be able to silence the Mighty Click with my new sword. Congrats. You're its first kill."
He grasped a blade from his back, but not just any blade: it was Fujitsu's swallow. He raised it up and aimed for Click's head. "Say, 'Good night.'"
He went to stab Click with the sword, but Fujitsu's hands latched onto it, leaving a bad cut. The guard seemed to just notice his presence for the first time, then took a sharp intake of breath at the look on Fujitsu's face. It was blazing with a murderous look.
"YOU WILL NOT KILL ANY OF MY FRIENDS WITH MY OWN BLADE!!" he yelled, and successfully pulled the weapon away from the man, slitting his wrist. He let go of Click, using that hand in an effort to stop the blood from leaving his body, leaving him gasping for air. The next second, Fujitsu drove the blade into the guard's back, into his heart, killing him.
The others were outside by this time, and were a bit surprised to see this from Fujitsu; they were too used to his nut-like behavior.
Conrad looked from side to side, looking for guards. However, none were coming, but he did find his and Lynn's guns leaning against the wall next to the door. They both rearmed themselves and walked over to the staircase leading to the first floor.
"Alright," said Conrad, leading the group. "If we're going to get some dirt on Wessel, the best place is his office. But the question is how do we do it without anybody noticing?"
The Prince replied, "Wessel usually leaves his office to get home at around ten PM, so if we can hide until then, we can-"
"VAHT ZE-!!?"
The group looked past Conrad, and saw Governor Wessel, who was leading a group of Stygians, who were carrying a large crate. Wessel looked shocked and the color from his face drained once more.

The End

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