Chapter 3: Onwards to RevengeMature

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Aria looked at Fujitsu for a moment, slightly confused. "You have a cousin?"

Fujitsu looked at her, and shrugged. "Yeah. Why do you ask?"

Aria looked him in the eyes. "Well, this is the first time you mentioned him... is he anything like you?"

Fujitsu smiled. "Not really, no. He is an accomplished warrior, but other than that, we don't have much in common. His name is-"

"I hate to break this up," Click said, arms crossed. "But shouldn't we be getting out of here? I don't think this is the time or place for this."

Aria nodded. "Yeah... sorry about that, Click. I just wanted to know more."

With that, the group left, searching for their weapons, and planning to get Wessel back for his actions.


A group of Stygians arrived in the cloak of darkness, intent on their mission: to obtain the drug created by Governor Wessel and return to the Spire of Kandrakar as soon as possible. They came into the office of Governor Wessel, who was waiting for them.

"Good day, mien friends. I haff ze drug ready, as I had promised." He hefted a crate, carrying the Mirror's Trick hallucigen inside, and smiled. "I hope zis will satisfy our master." He pointed behind him, and there were at least a dozen more crates behind him.

The Stygians looked at their commander, a taller Stygian armed with a longsword and a scythe. He spoke: "Get the crates." was basically what he said, but Wessel didn't understand it very well. He just guessed what he meant.

Wessel rubbed his hands together. "At last, ve vill haff nothing to fear at night. Lord Xeranad vill protect Escartes from this day onvard."

The End

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