Chapter 3: And Who is This Cousin?Mature

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"Genie-man!! Yatta!!" yelled Fujitsu in delight, jumping onto Click, knocking him to the hard ground outside the room, and glomping him so tightly that it became hard to breathe.
"Could... you... please... let go... of me...?" he managed to choke out, not even bothering to struggle. Fujitsu had some real strength, he had to admit.
Fujitsu respected his wish and quickly let go, yawning. It was worth being woken up to be freed. He helped Click up. "So, how did yo find us?" Fujitsu asked.
Click responded, "Well, after couple of guards tried to arrest me, I escaped and figured that you guys might have been captured. I had to walk around in the sewers until I found the secret tunnels leading to the dungeons, which so happens to be the tunnel's entrance."
"Yeah," Fujitsu laughed, scratching his head. "I knew that you'd be the one to break us out. You're smart like that."
Click smiled. At least he knew that Fujitsu gave him the benefit of a doubt ((I think that's the phrase, right?)).
Fujitsu then looked hopefully behind Click, looking for something. There was Karkid in the background, surely enough, and there was a dead guard, impaled by his own sword in the heart. That was it. Fujitsu's spirits dropped.
"So... I suppose that you didn't get our weapons?" he asked, stating it more than anything, actually.
Click shook his head. "No. Your weapon is important to you, isn't it?"
"Yes..." Fujitsu sighed, his shoulders slumping a bit. "See, it's my family heirloom. With my family and home gone, it's the only tie I have left with them, besides my cousin, but I haven't heard from him in a long time, so I'm guessing he may have died in the war...."
Fujitsu smiled sadly, his eyes watering, and walked out of the room. "I suppose we'd better get moving."

The End

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