Chapter 3: NOW EscapeMature

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Kid nudged Click forward down the hall until they heard a voice "-bit of a breeze." Lynn.

"In'? I' she hind i'?" Kid asked.

Clicked nodded, "Nah, then she'd have to be in it with Wessel, and that doesn't make sense." He whispered.

He walked over to the door and tried to open it, barely a budge. Then he knocked, "You guys in there?"

"Click!" Aria shouted.

"Aria! Is everybody in there?"

"No, Kara isn't."

"Where is she?"

"We don't know!"

Kid clutched his fists tightly, growling. Click watched him, he took a deep breathe. For a split second, he was mad too.

"Can you get us out of here?"

Click shrugged, "Sure, but it'll take a second." He turned to Kid, "Cover me."

He knelt down and went to work trying to pick the lock. The kit helped, he could do it without it, but, that would have took time.

Kid heard a guard coming, he quickly got against the corner. When the guard saw them, Kid pounced. First hitting him in the throat with the side of his hand, keeping him from shouting, then a kick to the stomach, and in a frenzy of blows he grabbed the guards sword and 'silenced' him.

"Note self, don't tick the Kid off...", Click said as he heard the lock pop and pushed the door opened, "So, who missed me?" He smiled cockily.

The End

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