Chapter 3: Now Escape?Mature

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Conrad sighed. "Right, so outta the frying pan and into the fire... Am I the only one who sees this as a minor problem?" Conrad said, leaning against one of the walls. Seriously, Conrad was tired of being stuck in places he couldn't exactly control getting to in the first place. First it was the botched recon mission that lead to him being with the elves when their forward line got shot to hell, then fled when one of their major cities was going to get torched, followed by being ported to some old mansion near the town this dungeon rested in, and then finally, into this town, getting arrested, and thusly, brought ot here. Certainly a case of, if not one problem, it's gonna be another.

Lynn shrugged. "Judging from the apparent trap this was made to be, it is quite likely they expected us to try and escape. But, judging from the apparent... recentness, of the padding in this room... Conrad, knife." Lynn said, feeling along the back wall, then held her hand out behind her. Conrad shrugged, and handed her his knife. She began to poke into the padding, methodically, generally moving when the dagger would stop from hitting the brick behind it. She covered most of hte back wall until teh dagger sunk all the way in. "It's clear that this was added onto a chamber they had little use for." She said, sounding pleased with herself, and she traced out an outline of what appeared to be a door. "Now, if my guess is correct, when we peel back this padding here," She said, pointing to the cut out area, "We're going to find a wall, however, if you feel along the edging of the peeled padding, you should feel a bit of a breeze." She said, stepping aside.

The End

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