Chapter 3: Conditional DifficultiesMature

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Kid and Click started down the sewers, "Okay, Wessel must be trying to take over the town for some reason, and saw us as a threat."

Kid nodded.

"He isn't royalty, in fact, he spent most of his life traveling so we know he is new here, my guess is he doesn't know about tunnels. So he probably did the dumb thing and locked them up in a prison."


"Well, back a long time ago one of the kings figured it would be a good idea to have an escape plan, I mean, have you seen a history book? People come close to conqueering the world all the time. So he built a few tunnels branching out from the castle to past the walls. Next you have some urbanization, a need for dungeons and sewers, the later Kings didn't think conquest would be a problem, and here we are.

"The tunnel's entrance become a prision and the rest became sewers, but no one ever split them up. So anyone who knows about it can just walk right up inside the castle whenever he wants. I used it to steal some cash from the Treasurey back when I was about twelve." Click laughed.

Kid shrugged.

"Anyway, my guess is there's going to be other prisioners there, right? So the plan is we let everyone loose as a distraction to keep the guards busy until we find them."

Kid growled.

"Well, it's the best I could do without getting into a disguise, and I really don't want to use that infront of them." Click explained a they entered into the dungeon, suddenly realizing there was no prisioners, "There goes that plan."


"No, you can play it by ear, I'm leaving." Click turned to leave with Kid grabbed his hand, "UH-NUH!! MUM!"

Click sighed, "Fine, I'll stay, but first sign of trouble I'm leaving, got it?"

The End

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