Chapter 3: Somewhat Feminist Lamia?Mature

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Kara had slept a good sleep. It had been a while. She was hungry. The last thing decent she ate was the dog that Karkid had killed. There was prison food--but that stuff kind of tasted odd. Like something was not right about it. So, she slithers into the woods to find something that she can ask to eat. She stalks the forest, to find a goat with odd markings and rags on in the woods. She appears behind it, and picks it up.

"Hmm--odd that you would be here."

The goat bleats and bahs in response.

"They sent you into the woods because of wolves and bandits didn't they?"

Kara flickers her tongue around. She could not smell much for wolves. They appeared to have left this forest. Mostly with scents marking that this territory is dangerous. "She looks at the goat, bandits huh? Well, I suppose I am going to eat you first"--then Kara notices that this goat is female.

"Shoot--the others are going to be ticked off if I eat you. It would be greedy too. Well then, come with me--you will provide milk for us until it is time to consume you."

She carries the goat to their camp site, milks the goat--and drinks it, as well, at least something was in her stomach. It was a little hard to hunt with a goat in her arms--one that had soiled itself on her as she carried it.

She cleans herself off, and grabs a spare Nurse Uniform. To head to town. She needed to learn more about this. But first she ties the goat to a tree, and puts some Bear Shirter marks on the tree--most of the animals will leave this goat alone. She admits, that she was puzzled the first time she saw these marks. But after she had learned more, she used them sparingly--and only to protect people she cared about.

The End

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