Chapter 3: 'Ah 'Ave n 'Ahdiiah 'at 'oo 'ut 'oh 'ah 'I'ullMature

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"Well, this is disgusting." Click stated as he stood up, a bright white flame held out on the tip of his sword.

"Ah is a'?" Kid pointed at it.

"Hydrous monoxide, don't worry, totally heatless." Click said pointing at the flaming dust, "Come on, we best head back to the camp, see if we can figure out what's going on."

"NNNN" Kid waved his hands and yelled.

"Why not?"

Kid began a long grumble and growling rant, ending it with crossing his arms.

"No, I don't know why they were after me, my guess is they found out I stole those gold stuff earlier."

Kid shrugged.

"Wait, they couldn't figure it out. People are stupid like that. Okay, so what do we know? The King died, the Prince is a suspect, well, as far as I know the only suspect. Wessel is in charge of everything, and he ordered them after me, so we know he is behind them trying to arrest me, right?"

Kid nodded.

"But why? I haven't done anything that he'd come after me for."

Kid starting ramblin and counting on his hand.

"That he knows I did as Click, okay? So, wait, I haven't done anything he knows about except join those guys and fight against Xeranad. He must be after us because of that, so their all in danger, and they went to the castle- oh crap, Kara!"

"MMumm!" Kid yelped.

"I don't know why, but that's gotta be it, so there's only one thing to do!"

"O a em!"

"No, we won't go save them! You want to get killed!?!"

"Ell, nooo... 'ut eve af too!"

The End

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