Chapter 3: White Cell Took 12 HP of Damage!Mature

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Fujitsu turned an smiled at Aria. He was glad to be of service, and he really didn't want to see her so angry or sad. It really didn't suit her looks to him, and that confused him; since when was he ever concerned about looks? It was also because he wanted her to be happy, as he did everybody, for what was the point of living if you can't be happy?
His eyes shifted to her bleeding hands. Banging on that door really took its toll on them. He watched as the blood dripped to the fluffy floor. He twitched. He hated seeing innocents shed blood, even if he was trained to withstand that kind of emotion.
Fujitsu thought for a while then turned to Conrad. "Oi. Do you still have that knife?"
He nodded. "Yea. Why, though?" He tossed the blade to Fujitsu anyway.
Fujitsu moved toward the wall and poked the tip through the material. He made a clean cut all the way to the floor and continued. He made a sharp turn to the right, then back up, then to the left to the starting point. He repeated this process next to the cut out rectangle.
When he was done, he trotted over to Aria and used the cut-outs as bandages, not before making sure that no other material was stuck to the bandages, however, and wrapped them around her hands in a well practiced manner. The material used for these seemed to be highly absorbent.
Aria flexed her fingers to test the makeshift bandages. They fitted tightly around her hand, but not as tight that it hurt to move. More than anything it felt a bit more comfortable now. No doubt that he has had to do this before. Smiling with sincere thankfulness, she looked up at Fujitsu and said, "Thanks, Fujitsu. This helps a lot."
Fujitsu started to look embarrassed and blushed. He turned around and responded, "Ahm, no problem. Anytime. I think I'm going to sleep for a bit."
Without another word, he strode on over to one of the corners, moved in a couple of circles then settled down like a bird.

The End

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