Chapter 3: Calming Bear-hug of Anti-PsychedeliaMature

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Aria pounded on the door for about half an hour. She didn't like feeling trapped, especially after all that effort they put into trying to escape, and she felt somewhat insulted by her new prison. Was she supposed to find this room more comfortable? If anything, it hurt her eyes just looking at it.

Fujitsu, Conrad, Lynn, and Prince Elric watched her pound at the door, and only when Aria's hands started to bleed from the constant pounding did Fujitsu grab her. She struggled against his grip, obviously upset. "Let me go, Fujitsu! I can't take being in here! I need to get out!"

Fujitsu hugged her (if you could call it that), calming her down and restraining her at the same time. "Calm down, Aria. Keep calm. If you lose your head here, then what are we going to do? You need to relax."

Aria breathed heavily, and she started to cry. Fujitsu kept hugging her, comforting her like a parent comforts their child. "Shhhh... everything is all right. Let it out. Let all that frustration out... just... don't beat at the door anymore... we need to get you to see Kara when this is over."

Fujitsu let Aria go, and she wiped her face with her bloodied hands. "Sorry... this room just hurts my eyes... it's like looking at Xeranad as if he was the room itself."

Fujitsu chuckled. "Yeah... he does like to wear a lot of white, doesn't he?" Fujitsu turned to the room's corner, and shouted: "BEGONE! FOUL WHITENESS OF PSYCHEDELIA-LAND!! YOU HURT OUR EYES SO!"

Aria laughed when she heard this. "Being in here just got a little more bearable."

The End

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