Chapter 3: Mirror's TrickMature

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Wessel was working on his project, putting the finishing touches on it, when Xeranad called. "Wessel, I trust everything here is under control."

Wessel smiled eagerly. "Indeed, my lord. Ze heroes haff been dealt vith, and ze prince has been convicted. Ze guards zat remain are eizer loyal to me or are oblivious to our plans. All ze wiser ones haff been silenced."

Xeranad's eyes seemed to smile, or at least show some sign of happiness. "How is the drug coming along? It got results when used on the king and the prince, so I've given you the order to mass produce it, and have my Stygians pick it up. The deadline is coming, Wessel."

Wessel swallowed nervously. "Vell, I haff managed to vork under cover of my doctorate, but I don't know how long zis ruse of mine vill last. I haff ze first shipment ready zough. Ze second one is near completion as vell. By ze vay, zis drug needs a name... how about 'Mirror's Trick'?"

Xeranad nodded, understanding. "Makes sense, since the prince saw something that wasn't there, like in one of Kata's torture chambers, twisted loveable psycho that she is. However, I am not here to discuss the name of a drug with you. Just make sure the heroes don't interfere with this shipment. It was difficult enough getting you elected as governor in the first place, and I don't want it to feel like a wasted investment. I'm counting on you." The pool became clear again, and Wessel sighed a breathe of relief.

"Zat man... frightens me."

The End

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