Chapter 3: The Sun, More Important Than Looking for Your Friends!Mature

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Kara had swam the river and slithered up onto us downstream from the town. She had been put into a proper prison uniform prior to the jailing. She had no idea why she had to wear these rather weird looking prison clothes. Though the soldiers who had handled her jokes generally revealed that showing an imprisoned monster in cahoots with her friends would help out their cause on the matter.

She removed her clothes--they were soaked. The sun was getting higher in the sky--she may need to bask soon. She made her way to the camp that they had made outside the city. Picking up various herbs and useful plants on the way. She stretches and yawns--looking around. Click and Karkid were not here. Well--the sun was starting to get very warm. It was more than stressful to know that something was eating the city she loved from the inside out. But well--it was more just a little bit suiting... considering how they handled their waste. I mean, so much dead stuff stacked together, with them not making the most use of the newly dead stuff--merely just dumping it in the sewage system. The idea of some carnivorous plant taking root there kind of was a no brainer.

Kara yawns--she would need to resume her investigation tomorrow. She saw a rather large rock with the sun able to shine on it for some time. She stretches out on the rock--and starts to bask.

The End

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