Chapter 3: Silly HumansMature

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Kara was navigating the sewage catacombs underneath. It was dark, and she had to concentrated her smell thread on the clove of garlic in her mouth--making it harder to navigate. Occasionally her concentration would drift to some pile of human refuge--yeah... this was the humans' territory alright. Kara could understand why they moved this stuff down here.

Kara had to state that these people were weird. I mean, typically, packs do not attack their own leader for a source of food--when there was plenty other food out there. I mean, and the alpha human, appears to have been killed by the next in power. Kara shakes her head--even for animals with a pack mentality humans seemed odd.

Kara's mind goes over to the smell that the soldiers had. It was not a normal taste for the soldiers. Well--thinking on that smell kind of distracted her from the--okay... that was dinner from four weeks ago... Kara still shudders at the idea of the Turkey Soup. Some things just were not meant to be.

Perhaps some forms of plant life could be involved here. There are plenty of mushrooms and pitcher plants that as they nourish themselves they cause the people who they are nourishing on to act a little different. I mean, there are a few plants with that sort of toxin. Kara would need to ask if people had been seeing some rather overly beautiful girl or guy--as that is generally how these plants tend to manifest for the people they eat. It is fairly effective in most cases.

Kara slithers around for a bit--well, yes, that would explain the flower smell, something was eating the people here. The city was lost--for now. Kara shakes her head--she just hoped the humans would not take this like the various other times this has happened to various villages out there. Plants need to eat just like anything else--the idea of a plant eating humans, is kind of less evil than a human raising an animal to be slaughtered.

Kara gets to a grate that lead to the outside of the castle. Kara forces it open and dives into the river below.

The End

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