Chapter 3: Garlic- Smells Better Than Death and FlowersMature

(Originally posted by Harlot on Thu Dec 10, 2009)

Kara during the confusion has slithered down a dark hallway without torches--having tasted something in this direction. It did not reek of death and flowers like the direction the others had ran off to. Kara slithering in the darkness--eyes having adjusted fairly quickly felt out the walls she was going by. She hears a loud slam, and a set of clicking--it kind of echoed through out the halls.

Generally hiding and keeping to the shadows she observed the guards. Something tasted odd about them--Kara could not place it correctly. The scent they produced did not seem normal. Kara then recalled that the prison did make use of the sewer system of the city. Generally not someplace she really desired to explore--she looked for an opening into it.

She found one, and puts a clove of garlic into her mouth--mostly to at least give something other than the smells of the castle sewers to concentrate on. She slithers down into the catacombs below the castle for various waste based products. Maybe, she could find Click or Karkid--or maybe... one of the other Stygian children would be around.

The End

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