Chapter 3: "Conversation" of TrustMature

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Click walked through the town with Karkid following behind.

"So, what are you planning?" Karkid 'said'. Technically it was just grunts and noises, but Click could understand him.

"Look, we don't know if Conrad and Lynn are on our side. I'm not saying they're not, but they could be."

"That doesn't tell me what you're planning."

"I don't want to confront them or make them feel uncomfortable, so I'll act like nothing's wrong. But, in case they do go against us, I want to be prepared."

"What about Aria and Fujitsu, are we sure we can trust them?"

"Fujitsu, yeah, of course. Aria, maybe not, she is related to Xeranad somehow. Probably his daughter, but, I haven't seen anything to say we can't yet, so, I'm going to trust her."

"Xeranad's daughter?"

"She survived his lightning head on, and was in that picture on the wall. Besides, he let her live for SOME reason." Click explained, "Next time I see him, I'll ask, even if he doesn't say it I'll know."

He nodded, "But you can't be too careful. Wait, why do you trust me?"

"I can read you. If you were going to betray us, I'd know before you would."

He shrugged.

The pair headed towards a store, then stopped, Click patted himself realizing he had no talons on him. "Oh, right, we'll need cash."

"Where do you get 'cash'?"

"Anywhere if you're creative." Click smiled.

The End

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