Chapter 3: There! Trapped Again!Mature

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Once everybody had been released from their cells, Fujitsu put the guard out by pressing one pressure point on the front of the neck and three in the back for a few seconds, they started hearing some more footsteps, obviously guards who thought that they heard something coming from their direction, so they made a beeline down the corridors.
The dungeon was dimly lit by candles, of which were running short of their wicks, and it was hard to see, so they held each others' hands and formed a single file line, only to be broken when they met a group of guards patrolling in a brighter hallway. Their footsteps made loud echoes when they sprinted down the paths, careful not to trip over one another,.
At this point, nobody could deny that they were lost. They'd never been down here in the dungeon before, seeing that they had no real need to, not even the Prince or Lynn, and Conrad had never stepped foot in the castle before. They seemed to be running around in circles, not knowing where to go, and kept running into more and more guards along the way. However, they seemed to have gained a stroke of luck: there was a bright light seeping though a crack in a door at the end of a long corridor.
"There's the exit!" the Prince yelled. Nobody dared question him as they scampered towards the door, nor take Fujitsu's wild grin off his face, though Aria couldn't help bu notice that the guards behind them were laughing.
Fujitsu reached the door well beyond the others, being the fastest by far in the group, held it open as everybody went in with his grin, then went in and slammed the door behind him.
But this was not an exit. The group stood frozen as they noticed that they were in a fluffy, white room that was lit by a chandelier. They heard roaring laughter as a loud clicking noise sounded behind them, evidently the lock.
The wild grin was still etched into Fujitsu's face.

The End

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