Chapter 3: The Escape, a Bit EarlyMature

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Conrad chuckled. "Sounds like we've got ourselves a bit of a problem... With the governor of this city in the palm of the Dark Lord, something tells me, he's going to have the city guard at his beck and call. I will say though, they really should look at doing a bit of improving of the dungeon." he said, pulling his knife from it's sheath hidden in his right knee pad. He then worked the bottom bolt holding the door in place out, the rusted bit of metal making a dull thud when it hit the floor. Standing up, Conrad worked the top bolt, till it joined it's fellow on the floor, landing a few inches away. Conrad smirked. "Seriously, any idiot would know to keep his security measures in a prison in tip-top shape." Conrad said, as he nudge the door, having it crash to the floor with a loud, dull clang. While a guard was coming down, Conrad had moved to hte side, using what shadows he could to ambush the man. He held the knife against the guard's throat, and walked him forward.

"Make a sound beyond a grunt for yes and a whine for no, and you'll find yourself with a second mouth." Conrad said, drawing the guard's short sword, and passing it to Aria through the cell openings, and collected the key ring. As he worked the keys, the knife pretty much sitting on the guard's neck, he was trying to figure out how to find their gear.

Lynn chuckled. Just like Conrad to be the brawn and the on the feet thinker. However, she countered him with her mind. "We'd best make this fast, the other guards aren't likely to wait long before they come looking for their missing buddy." Lynn said, wishing she had her things with her right now. It was an odd feeling for her, to not have her books or notes or any of her research materials nearby.

The End

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