Chapter 3: Questioning Through the BarsMature

(Originally posted by me on Fri Nov 27, 2009)

There was total silence, unless you counted the Prince's cries, that was left after the confession. It really was unbelievable, the Prince telling them that he killed his own father after Wessel said that he'd done it. Was the Prince lying, or was Wessel lying? Fujitsu asked himself, what would the Genie-man say? The he remembered what he was thinking earlier, and an idea popped into his head.
"Maybe, Wessel influenced you to do it?" he suggested to the prince, who looked at him thoughtfully though bloodshot eyes. "It makes sense, seeing that he has contacts with Xeranad, so he might of slipped something in you drink, or performed a spell on you, or whatever."
The prince replied, "It makes some sense..."
Fujitsu turned to Conrad and Lynn's cells. "What are your views?"

The End

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