Chapter 3: Coming Clean ConfusinglyMature

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Wessel's pale expression of fear changed to psychotic glee. "Fine. You vant an answer, I shall give you an answer. I haff not left the town recently on business... because I don't need to. I haff friends in high places, you see, and they ensure I get vhat I vant."

Conrad calmly looked at Wessel. "Who is your friend?"

Wessel smiled. "Since you already know, no point in hiding it any longer. I vork vith Xeranad in to bring order to this chaotic vorld. Not that anyone is going to believe you. After all, you don't haff any proof that I killed Gallon. And who do you think the people are going to believe?"

The guards ran in, and surrounded the heroes. Wessel raised his right hand and pointed at the group. "Guards, take these troublemakers to the dungeon. They are charged with threatening a governmental official, slander of said governmental official, and for being connected to the assassination of King Gallon Escartes. Take the avay." The guards complied, and the group was forced to the dungeon.

Aria sat in her individual cell, sighing. "Well, Click was right: it was a trap. How is everyone?"

Fujitsu sat in the cell across from her. "Fine, a bit unnerved, but fine."

Kara was in the cell next to him. "It's a little small, but I'll live."

Conrad and Lynn were in the cells next to her, side by side. Conrad made a very irritated sound, while Lynn made a simple, "Yep."

Aria nodded. "Right then. Well, Prince Elric is down here somewhere... now, we just need to find out where he is."

Fujitsu shrugged. "Shouldn't be too hard. He's in the cell to my right."

Elric waved his hand out of the bars. "Sorry that we had to meet again in such bleak circumstances."

Aria smiled. "Well, that was easy. Now, I need to ask you, Prince Elric... did you kill your father?"

There was a pause, and then, he answered, to everyone's surprise: "Yes."

Aria could not believe what she just heard. "Really? Why?"

Elric started trembling. "I don't know. I saw him as a monster, disgusting and covered in blood. I thought this creature ate my father, so I attacked it and killed it. When I came back to my senses, I saw my father, dead... by my hand." He began to cry. "I killed my own father!"

Aria didn't make heads or tails of this. Wessel said he was responsible for the death of King Gallon, but here, Elric claims he did it. What the hell is going on?

The End

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