Chapter 3: The Hinting GiveawayMature

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Conrad didn't like this situation one bit. Was it just him, or did it seem the guards on the other side of the seem to be a little more then on edge? Not to mention that magitek power count was hitting the highest around this governor. Conrad flicked the safety off his rifle, his gaze directed more towards the door behind them. It sounded quiet... Almost too quiet. "Governor, mind if I ask a question before you answer the last one? Tell me, have you been beyond this city in the last few days, for business of course." Conrad asked.

Lynn was examining the office, when she noticed something she had seen in Lord Garinos's office the last time she had been in it. It was a pool, elevated slightly on 4 thin, curved legs, with 2 metal rings keeping the legs together to better hold the bowl itself. Lynn walked over, and started looking it over, seeing that nearly every aspect was the same as the one the Lord had. The only difference between the one Lord Garinos had, and this one, was a letter engraved in it. The one Garinos had was emblazoned with a GX, and this one had a WX... Now, Lynn wasn't a scryer by any means, but this was oddly similar to a Scrying pool. Lynn had pulled out one of her notebooks, and was sketching the pool, getting dimensions, size, styles, patterns, while writing all of her actual notes in a scrawling, hard to read version of Elven.

The End

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