Chapter 3: Letters Are Effing Scary, ManMature

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Fujitsu was really starting to get the feel of Darkness now. The shadows seemed abnormal to him, they even seemed to give off a negative feel, but that might be how he perceived everything. The guards did nothing to help this feeling; they looked a bit mournful and threatening when the group walked by them in the candlelight. It seemed like they were foreshadowing something.
The paintings did not seem as nearly as beautiful as they did the other day, the marble floors not even worth looking down to. The whole castle felt like it had become horror-cliched; Fujitsu wouldn't be surprised if a ghost popped out and yelled "BOO!" any second now.
It seemed like a lifetime before the group reached their destination at the fine pine door to Wessel's office, and the guard knocked on the door with a doorknocker that had the Royal Family's coat of arms on it. a voice said, "Enter."
The guard opened the door and allowed admission to the party, which slowly walked into the medium-sized candlelit room. There were bookcases with books upon books almost seemed fit to burst out of the furniture. There were stacks of papers upon the beautiful crafted desk at which Wessel was seated at. While he seemed a bit overworked, there was a shadow of happiness softly etched on his face.
He looked up at the heroes after giving his signature to a letter, which he hastily stuffed out of sight. He smiled in a welcoming fashion at them. "Ah, the young heroes. To waht do I owe de pleasure?" he greeted.
Fujitsu replied, "Well, we just came back from a mansion that once belonged to Xeranad, fought the first Dark Lord's Shadow, met Xeranad's Shadow, and got a shard of the... Chalim Solalis was it? Anyway, when we got here, a guard told us that the King was killed by the Prince."
Wessel nodded gravely. "Yes, yes.... it ist most surprisink that the Prince woold do zat. Now, woold you caer to ezplain to me about waht happened to you in detael?"
Everybody took turns in telling what happened in the mansion from their perspective, Fujitsu and Aria having almost the same story, Conrad starting at the Forest of Ecwodar, and Lynn almost gave her life story at the Mansion before Conrad got her to explain what happened recently. The Governor was listening with full intent to catch every detail, and, or was it just Fujitsu's mind, or was he looking a bit worried?
When everybody was finished, Wessel took a deep breath and said, "Perhapz this ees why the Prince killed the King."
"What do you mean?" asked Conrad.
"He coold 'ave maed a deal with Xeranad before he approached the King, setting up plan for the murder...."
Fujitsu noticed Aria shudder beside him. "What's wrong Aa-chan?"
Aria looked at Fujitsu and said, "Well... I'll be honest. Wessel kinda creeps me out."
"He's not that bad Aa-chan," reassured Fujitsu, giving a comforting smile.
"Well, perhaps in your world, Fuji," Aria replied, smiling back. However, Fujitsu's affection for Aria dropped a bit. He hated being called crazy, no matter how vague the tease was.
"No, really, Aa-chan. He gave me some money for delivering an important message the other day."
This didn't really cheer Aria up, but at least she though he was at least kind. She turned to the Governor and said, "Really? To whom was the message addressed to?"
Wessel's face lost a bit of color.

The End

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