Chapter 3: Not Trusting the People Who Pop up From the Future!? Don't be Silly!Mature

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Eventually Kara started to stir and, as nicely as he could, Click freed himself. She stretched, yawned and looked at Click, "Good morning."

"Not really." Click took a deep breathe as he began, "The King's dead, it looks like the Prince done it. He could have been framed, my guess is he was, or he actually did it."

"Why would he make him cold?"

"No idea." Click got up, "Secondly, I've been thinking. What do we really know about Conrad and Lynn?"

"Well, there from the future and got here because their town was-"

"No, that's what they told us."

Kara looked at him confused.

"Look, we have no idea who's working for Xeranad, they could be lying to us. Doesn't it even REMOTELY strike you funny we met them before seeing Xeranad again, or finding the blade fragment?" Click stretched, getting stiff from sitting still so long, then used his armored boot to put out the fire, "Xeranad's been a great tactician before, that's how he's moved so far. If there is a chance we could be falling into a trap, then we need to stop and smell the roses, figure out if he's up to something. I think Conrad and Lynn could be double agents, I think what's going on with the Elves is one big diversion as Xeranad plans something else. I keep getting this feeling we're being watched and I don't like it."

Kara tilted her head, "Are they really double agents, Sla-Click?"

"No idea. I could just be paranoid and they could be being honest. Either way we got our work cut out for us. Kara, you are THE medical expert of the team, I think you should go and try and get a look at the body. Find out what you can. I'm going to go get prepared, since Xeranad showed up out of nowhere last time and I don't know if I can trust two people in our group, I should be prepared for anything and everything. Since you'll be at the castle warn Aria and Fujitsu about all this stuff. Make sure they keep an eye on those two, especially Lynn." She’s too smart, if she tries something, it could end us. Conrad, on the other hand, would never be able to beat Fujitsu 

Kara nodded.

Click headed off. He smiled a bit at what Aria said, but he still doubted it. Especially now. Karakid looked back and forth at the two, wondering who he should go with.

The End

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