Chapter 3: Wee Littal LassiesMature

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Aria looked at Fujitsu, then back at the guard. The guard finally consented. "The Prince is currently in a holding cell down in the dungeon, awaiting trial. The governor is in his office inside the palace." The guard unlocked the gate. "This way, please."

Aria looked at Fujitsu again, and grabbed his arm. Fujitsu turned to her. "What is it?"

Aria looked a little pale. "I... don't know what to do. Should we talk to Click first about this? He can tell Kara and Karkid for us, and they are just as much a part of this group as we are."

Fujitsu looked back at Click, then back at Aria, then looked at Click again. "You have a habit of confusing me, you know that, don't you?"

Aria chuckled. "Yeah, I know."

Aria ran off to tell Click. Click looked at her with confusion. "What's going on?"

Aria began. "Well, apparently while we were gone, King Gallon was murdered and everyone thinks Prince Elric was the killer, though I find that hard to believe. Elric is in a holding cell in the dungeon right now, and we intend to talk to Governor Wessel first before we talk to Elric. Just wanted to let you know."

Click thought for a moment. "Excellent job at bringing me up to speed. I don't think Elric is the type to kill his own father out of greed, though he may have had other reasons for killing him. Or maybe he is being framed by someone else for their own purposes." He paused for a moment. "Aria, keep on your guard at all times. You may very well be walking into a trap."

Aria nodded. "I knew I could rely on your input. You are the most level headed person in this team." Aria turned to leave, then looked back. "Also, I'm glad you are on this team. If you were with Xeranad, well, we'd be screwed.


Watching through the eyes of his familiar, Serena, Xeranad saw and heard the exchange between Aria and Click. "Hmmmm... there's something unusual about this one... I'll keep my eye on him and make my move when the time is right."

His magic mirror, the one that allowed him to communicate with all of his generals, shined. "My lord." Ultritch spoke, and showed his master the surroundings of the cave. "I have located and retrieved the Magitek Armor like you requested. Send some War Bat Beastmasters here and we can have the Armor to you in no time."

"Excellent work, Ultritch. I am very proud of you and your ability to see the job get done." He closed the channel and turned to Kojiro, who was standing behind his lord. "Prepare the Beastmasters and have them deliver the Magitek Armor to Yevrus. He'll know what to do with it."

"As you command, Lord Xeranad, so it shall be done." Kojiro turned and walked off to perform his task.

Xeranad opened the channel again, this time to speak with Venice. "Admiral Venice, how close are you to the coast of Liamson?"

"Not too far, my liege. We'll be rrready to attack within two days. I hope that this is satisfactorrry." Venice replied, bowing before his master across the channel.

"It is, Venice. You have done well, and you make your master proud." He redirected the channel to Ackerak. "How fairs the assault on Ecwodar?"

"Jus' fine, my lord. These wee littal lassies haven't a chance in 'ell against us. Luring them like dis was a stroke of brilliance. Not only do they think they actully 'ave a fightin' chance, but they are also distracted from your efforts elsewhere. When the time is right, we'll give 'em a wiff o' the ol' brimstone."

Xeranad smiled beneath his mask. "Excellent work, Ackerak. Make sure you continue to look like you are trying to take the forest, so they don't suspect anything. They must believe that they are fighting the brunt of the war. Otherwise this ruse will be wasted and our enemies gather against us, something I cannot afford to happen yet. Just continue to fight, make them think they are winning now and again, then come back and slap that smirk off their faces... and keep doing it until I say otherwise." Ackerak nodded, and Xeranad closed the channel. "Now then, let's give Escartes one hell of a show. Act One: Delusions of Grandeur! Let the curtains rise!" Xeranad laughed maniacally in the shadows of his castle.

Watching from the shadows, was a lone, catlike person, with a sick, twisted grin on her face. "Laugh it up, you magnificent little bastard... it'll make it all the more devastating when I take your little toy army away from you..." Kata eyes widened with mad, demented glee

The End

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