Chapter 3: More Deep ThinkingMature

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Click was getting less uncomfortable with the venomous half-woman wrapped around him. But he was still a little on edge, hoping she doesn't chew in her sleep. He finished off the mixture a few seconds ago and stored it away. Time passed and now he was thinking about a few different things.

First of all, the war. Siege warfare is surprisingly ineffective. Why was Xeranad using it? He had brilliant strategies in the past, how else did he take down the Giants so easily? So now he was just locked in pitch battle with the Elves. It didn't make much sense. First, Elves might have speed and a great army, but he knew first hand how easy it was to slip through their armed forces first hand, he just needed a skirt and make-up. Unless it was a lot of misdirection. Then, what was he trying to direct people away from?

Second, why was he on the team? Conrad was able to read people better them him, Lynn could probably pull off any mental feet he could and more. He wasn't a fighter. The only job he had left in the team was 'chief fire starter' and Kara's venom catcher. He wouldn't dare show it, but he actually felt like he had no reason to be on the team anymore. Just another mouth for them to feed while stuck in the wilderness.

Then again, why should he trust Conrad and Lynn? Admittedly, the fact that they were harder to read then most was a problem, and that made him a wee bit paranoid, but what he could read, he knew they had a lot to hide. From the future? Really? He couldn't trust any of that. The Time Mage (who not only did he not trust, but a small touch of hate passed through the memory) couldn't be read at all, and he had appeared not long before the fight with the old Dark Lord and Xeranad's appearance. These two might be able to get away with lying, maybe, he had some difficulties reading them, maybe more then he thought. Maybe what little he had been reading was just a 'gift', a way of making them look more trustworthy then they really were. Even if these two were from the future, what if that future was of Xeranad conquering the world? It didn't matter if they were from the present or the future, they could easily be on the other side. 

Click smirked a bit. So, a pair of possible traitors in our mist, fine. He could come up with a few possibilities. 1. They were bad, and for some reason all these people in their team trust them. 2. They're good, and the just randomly showed up. Both were pretty likely. If they were good, then they can't be turned away. More to fight Xeranad with, fine. If they were bad, then, they'd still be in the group. His only option was to make sure everyone stayed cautious of them, and wait until he had a chance to see if there was a reason to trust them or not. Some reason. ANY reason.

The End

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