Chapter 3: Deep ThinkingMature

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This was troubling Fujitsu indeed. The Prince that he'd once been honored to meet, now having evidence pointing at him, saying that he'd killed his own father...? Where was the prince now? Why did he do it? How was the kingdom going to protect itself? How long would it be until Xeranad's forces invaded and captured Escartes...?
Fujitsu started pacing around, trying to think of the what, how, where, when and why to the situation. The Prince had murdered his father in one day. Was it during the nighttime, when the King was sleeping in his room? Was the Prince so tired that he forgot his own dagger, or was it left there on purpose? Was the Prince really a power-hungry glutton who'd stop at nothing to seize power? Or was he forced to to do it, because the King himself had greedy plans? Was he influenced...? All this was hurting Fujitsu's head.
He looked at Aria, who wasn't nearly as thoughtful as shocked at this news. He didn't blame her. He looked towards Conrad and Lynn: they were discussing in low tones, possibly about what had happened.
Fujitsu shook his head to clear his mind and walked right up to the guard and requested, "We would like to see Governor Wessel, then the Prince so that we may question him. Do you know where they are?"

The End

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