Chapter 3: Technology- The Source of All ProblemsMature

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Conrad had his helmet on, and was lightly holding his gun, though he made sure to keep it hidden in the cloak. Conrad was looking around, attempting to locate any possible trouble, though the high guard count was making him slightly nervous. His HUD had a full charge, and was flipped down, helping him get a better idea of things. Something was off in this town, and it was just the possibility of this Prince having murdered his father. The HUD was picking up an unusually high magitek power count, somewhere in the city, and it unnerved Conrad. "Lynn, in all of your being with these people, have you located anything that would have to be powered by Magitek?" Conrad whispered, on edge since the power count was towards that required for a suit of Magitek Armor.

Lynn had noticed Conrad getting more and more tense, but when he whispered his question, Lynn understood. While she didn't have the same gear as he did, she knew the possibility of anything running off of Magitek was slim to none in this world, besides those of Elarin. "No, and I doubt they'd have figured something like it out in the space of 2 weeks since I was here last." Lynn whispered back, her mind running in full gear now. It was odd, considering that Magitek was a closely held secret of Elarin's, because it was the only thing that gave Elarin an edge over it's enemies. And if someone had somehow gotten a hold of some of that tightly held technology, things were bad, because Elarin wouldn't have sent anything with Magitek out because of the power issues.

The End

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