Chapter 3: How's This for a Political Problem, Ganon?Mature

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Aria nodded. "Alright, let's go everyone!"

Kara, Karkid, and Click stayed behind to 'hold the fort', in Click's words, but Aria knew that he was trying to finish his mix and help Kara at the same time. As for Conrad and Lynn, they were somewhat hesitant to go at first, but were convinced that they may as well go, since it can't possibly get worse for them.

The group arrived at the palace, which, to no one's surprise, has had an increase in guard activity. Aria knocked on the gate. A guard looked at her through the beatifully crafted silver bars. "May I help you, heroes?" He said, with a bit of disdain in his voice, which made Aria a little more unnerved.

"Y-yes. I'm sorry to ask, but... what happened? Why are there more guards patrolling? I need to speak to King Gallon and Prince Elric. If they aren't available, could we talk to Governor Wessel?" Aria pleaded.

The guard sighed, one made when one is in mourning. "While you were gone... the king... was murdered."

There was a silence. The one to break it was Fujitsu. "What happened?"

"We aren't sure. However, we have reason to believe that the murderer was his son, Prince Elric. His dagger was found in his back."

Aria could not believe this. How could such an event happen while they were gone? For no less than a day?!

The End

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