Chapter 3: The Fireworks Guild- The Mightiest Guild in All the LandMature

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Kara stretches and yawns, having return with Karkid on her shoulders. She looks around, "sorry about that--on the way here, I did not get my afternoon sleep. Sorry about being cranky. Looks like it will be along night for me, until the sun comes up and I can bask. I am likely to not be functional until I can bask."

Click looks around, and makes the judgement, "yeah, it looks like we are all fatigued--Kara especially. Karkid looks like he wants to run a marathon--which means he needs to go to sleep as well." Click rustles around in his pack--with some chemicals that he had put together that he got from Kara--did not work like he thought they would. He puts them together on the ground, swipes a flint usually used for lighting a fire. Lynn looks at it, somewhat curiously. The powder on the ground appeared to change colour, and warm up. "Yeah, screwed up something I found when I was in a guild that I had no right to be in." Click slumps down, it had taken two months to lose the Fireworks Guild.

Aria looks over, somewhat curious as to what Click meant by "had no right to be in". Though, Click seemed tired. Kara slithers over, and warms herself on the oddly coloured mixture on the ground. She then wraps herself around Click, and falls asleep. Click sighs--this did not seem like a situation he really cared to be in. Kara seemed a little cold however. It was probably good that this screw up came in handy. Click would need to figure out some way to allow Kara to have her afternoon bask--without slowing down the team.

The End

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