Chapter 3: Rumors in RPGs Are Never True, Right?Mature

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Aria smiled at Fujitsu, then took a few steps forward. Something seemed off about Escartes now... the shadows seemed longer, the guards more surly. She felt the need to talk to Prince Elric or Govenor Wessel. She looked around a bit, and looked back at Fujitsu.


"Yeah?" Fujitsu responded.

"I think we should check in at the palace and tell the royal family about our little outing."

Fujitsu scratched his head. "So soon? We just got back-"

Aria shook her head. "Something isn't right. I can feel it... I don't know how, but somehow, I can sense a permeating darkness here in Escartes. We need to make sure the royal family is alright."

Fujitsu nodded. He looked back at the rest. "Well, guys, it's your call. Want to get some rest first, or should we go see the royal family right now?"

The End

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