Chapter 3: Wapanese or Engrish? You DecideMature

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Fujitsu stared up at the sky, which was now turning a dark blue, and soon it would be black. Aria was right when she said that they would be back by sunset, which was glowing off somewhere behind the castle, of which was not in view, being blocked by the town up ahead.
Many of its stores were closing up for the night as the last of its day's customers departed back to their homes, the the shopkeepers up the stairs of their shops to their home on the second floor. As the remainders of the group walked down the dim road to the castle, they watched as the lights on the first floors were gently blown out, then glowing flames appearing on the second floors. The sky was even darker by then, and the moon was coming into view, opposite the falling sun.
Fujitsu had stayed quiet after Conrad had replied to him (well, more Aria than him) with something that definitely was not about self-control in his opinion, but not because of his reply, but of the memory that he'd remembered the other day. It had steadily become clearer as they walked back to Escartes. He'd now remembered the names of the children that he was with: Okashira, Touhru, Akria, Yuki, and Ai. They had gotten him to come along with them to "explore" the Emperor's palace with them, made him think that they were his friends, but he had started to doubt this when they started to use him to sneak into the more heavily guarded sections, and he knew by the time they had reached the treasure room that they were using him.
Afterward, after he had been betrayed by his friends and taken away by the guards, Jonou had come to pick him up. Fujitsu was expecting to see him furious, or disappointed at the very least, but, very much to his surprise, he looked sympathetic, sad, even. Jonou had come up to him, took him out of his cell, put his hand up to Fujitsu's forehead, and muttered some incantations. That was all there was.
Fujitsu twitched and blinked hard a couple of times, before realizing that the voice was Aria's. She looked a little concerned. 
"Yeah, Aa-chan?" he replied.
She said, "You were spacing out for a while. I thought something might be wrong."
Fujitsu shook his head. "Nah, it's just the thing that I remembered yesterday, I'm remembering it more and more, but the more I remember, the more confused I get.... Strange, ne?"
"I guess," Aria shrugged.

The End

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