Chapter 3: Flowers= DeathMature

(Originally posted by Harlot on Nov 22, 2009)

Kara flickers her tongue as they approach the city gates. She grimaces, makes an odd face and comments, "it smells different."

Conrad looks over, "well, it is a city--the smells that those places make tend to change every now and again."

Kara shakes her head, "no--I do not mean in the usual sense of cities smelling different. There is more of a flowery fragrance to this."

Lynn checks her packages and belongings. She pulls out an open package with some plant clippings, "sorry, I have been taking some flower clippings for various botany purposes--the package came open"

Click looks around, pulls out a leather strip, looks over to Kara, "uh--perhaps now would be the time to get some venom from you?". Click noting that such an item in his inventory would be rather helpful.

Kara looks over, "what? I happen to smell an odd flowery smell when we get here, and suddenly I am overflowing with venom?!"

Kara slithers off in fashion similar to storming off. Karkid looks up a Click, somewhat disappointed. Click looks down, "it is not your mother I was worried about with that venom... can you head to her, to appologise for me?"

Karkid nods, and runs off to Kara.

The End

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