Chapter 3: Philosophical Military Elf TimeMature

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Conrad chuckled slightly. "Kid, if you think that's something to be sorry about, then your trying too hard to be Lynn." He said, pointing to the Elf in question as she was writing down notes on the flora they passed by occasionally stopping to check in more detail, but never falling behind. "Believe me in this. I've lost a lot of people I cared about and trusted with my life. I've seen plenty of death, and trust me, in a tunnel the width of this road makes for a very ugly battle field. I was a miner before I was a solider. I was one of the many that dug the tunnels that were constantly seeking the surface of the world. I had to learn to fight with whatever came to hand, against whatever the Dark Elven cities could and would throw at us. I saw a lot of good men and woman slaughtered simply because we were 'intruding'. I joined hte Militia as a reserve member, someone not active, but viable to be called in should the need arise. However, it gave me a benefit that would help me greatly in the tunnels of the mines. It gave me clearance to carry a firearm. Granted, the charges in the clips wouldn't last long, but still, it gave the dig crews I was with an edge over our enemies." Conrad said, thinking to the decades spent toiling, fighting, struggling, and hoping, under the soil, in the flickering and weak light of the torches due to the lack of power to the magitek light systems common within Elarin.

"Should I consider what the Dark Elves did to the people I knew as savage? I can, but it doesn't mean it's right. The Dark Elves were following THEIR laws, THEIR codes, THEIR morality. For them, we could be considered the savages. I tell you this. Never, EVER, judge someone because of an experience, and assume they are monsters because it doesn't fit with your sense of civility. Because all that means is that your bigoted, unthinking, and worse, a monster yourself. That Xeranad, he could have killed us all, right then and there. Did he? No. His own sense of honor, his sense of civility means he has to give us a fighting chance. We're on this planet for a purpose, it just might not be an obvious one, or one that makes sense." Conrad said, putting a hand on Aria's shoulder. He wasn't paying much attention to the other kid, since he didn't seem to make much sense, and even when he did, it was still confusing.

The End

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