Chapter 3: Unneeded Almost-Hypocrite ExplanationMature

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Fujitsu's face reddened a bit when he saw the tear run down Aria's cheek. Had he said something wrong? When he thought he'd figured it out he walked to her side.
He sighed, "Look Aria, I'm sorry if I was too hard on you there. I guess I'm just a bit too hardened to say such things gently."
He glanced at Aria, who was looking at him back. He blushed a bit. What was it about her that made him blush??
He continued, "On top of teaching me fighting styles, my master also had to teach me self-control, which was hard for me. At times he'd create an illusion of Xeranad; the first time he did, after nearly fainting, I let my fury get the better of me, and tried to kill him with my bare hands. Next couple of times he did that I did the same thing, though I was trying to restrain myself. He seemed to be able to trick me every time into thinking that Xeranad really was there. Anyway, the fifth time he did so I managed to hold myself and turn away. It had been a year by then. It took me a whole year to learn self-control, and you've had nobody to teach you that, so I'm sorry for being a hypocrite on the subject." He finished by walking in front of her and bowing apologetically.
In the shadows of the trees beside them, little did they know that Jonou was following them, not even Click knew.
He thought to himself, Fujitsu... You young fool. When will you learn that when you act passively, that you'll always be scorched by your so-called "friends"...? You're better off without anybody but yourself.

The End

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