Chapter 3: Sanity From the InsaneMature

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Aria frowned, a very upset look on her face. "Civilized or not, the actions he has performed thus far shouldn't be excused. Do I need to remind you that he took everything from me? My family, my friends, my home... and my pride."

Click looked at her. "Listen, he left you alive. I think that qualifies as an act of mercy."

Aria shouted. "But why me? Why, out of all the people in the village, did he choose to spare me and no one else? After killing everyone else, I expected to be treated the same, but what does he do? He leaves me in the ruins of my village. You had someone special taken from you Click... everyone in my life that I loved was erased on that day."

Click, for the first time in his life, could not come up with a response. Not because of the argument Aria presented, but because of the raw amount of anger in her voice... just because she lived and everyone else died.

The silence fell when Fujitsu interjected. "You know, Aria, I too had my family killed by Xeranad, but I don't let my emotions get the better of me when I face him. If I let that happen, he would have already won. This is no time for base fury."

Aria sighed. "...Y-you're right, Fujitsu. Sorry, everyone. I lost my entire family to him... I just don't think he deserves forgiveness after that." A tear slid down her cheek, which she wiped away quickly, and the she muttered: "Let's go. We can still get ther by sunset."

The End

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