Chapter 3: Respect Your SavagesMature

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Conrad chuckled. "Young lady, think about it. Where would civilization be if it weren't for savages, as you so kindly put them. And trust me, it often takes 'savage' methods to ensure a group's survival. And since i've already broken the Laws about interacting with surfacers, might as well give you a bit of a history lesson. Lynn there, she's what we term a 'Survivor'. She was around when Elarin fell. She watched as the people in the city went and did what was needed to survive, not thrive. Once things had settled down, and people weren't killing each other over a bread crumb, we organized a government, we set up a military, we set up jobs and began work to improve our conditions with what we had to work with. Around the 2nd generation of living in Elarin after the Fall, we actually began to seek a way back to the surface. We encountered plenty of Dark Elves in our tunneling, and fights would break out, but because of our technology, we would win. I'm of the latest generation, a '5th', as I'm of the 5th generation since the Fall." Conrad said, wondering himself how he was going to start blending in with the surface dwellers, though, he could likely work as a miner, as he was originally a miner, and hte lack of magitek tools meant it was back to the 'feudal ages' methods.

The End

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