Chapter 3: Confusing HeroicsMature

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"So, you really think Xeranad is a savage?" Click ask Aria as they walked.

"Of course I do, he's killed countless people!"

"So have I." he said, thinking of the fictional Click more then the too-real Slate.

"That's different, you were doing it to save people."

"How do you think he started? Look, I'm not for the guy, but he isn't savage."

"Then what is he?"

"Civilized." Click groaned, "Think about it this way. He lives by rules, morals, you might not agree with them, but they're there. If he was savage, he wouldn't. Civilized is just a word for those that follow some sort of law, and the law can be pretty unjust.

"Officers use the law to protect themselves while they act worse then the criminals they are supposedly after. Kings have used the law to oppress their subjects. There is nothing good about being civilized.

"But the savage is a different story. He has to live by his animal instincts. Not greed, not prejudice, just instincts. He might do things that are 'wrong' but he isn't a hypocrite about it. He's just reacting. It's better, just not much."

"I don't care what he is, I hate him."

"I pity him."

"How?! He's killed countless people! Innocent people!"

"He lost the love of his life. I know what that's like, he killed someone important to me."

"That's more reason to hate him!"

"I could, but that wouldn't be very heroic of me." Click said.

The End

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