Chapter 3: So What if Humans and Pigs Switched Places?Mature

(Originally posted by Harlot on Wed Nov 18, 2009)

Kara slithering along the path she was on, was kind of curious. She did not really know of any special habit that she did when her own kind died. I mean, why would the death of her kind, like say, Click, be different than a rabbit, a fairy, or any of the other creatures in the forest. I mean, Click for example would just be a lot harder to kill--not something that Kara could see happening in her own lifetime. So she generally did not think Click dying as real--because the event did not concern her, as she did not see it happening any time soon.

She flickers her tongue, just to note what all was in the area. Well, nothing that unusual. Nothing that would seem to attack them right away--or is of any particular concern.

She turns and asks Lynn, "what is it that I do with my own kind when we die, that is so different from what we do with other creatures out there?"

Lynn turned and looks at Kara trying to figure out the nature of Kara's question.

The End

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