Chapter 3: A Meal fit for a KingMature

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Aria looked at everyone else, who had finished eating the dog, but pushed that thought to the back of her mind and said, "Yes, everyone is ready. Onward toward Escartes!"

And so they went... with a ball of light floating behind them.

Stalking them...

-Spire of Kandrakar-

Xeranad had Serena the fairy follow the group in order to keep tabs on their progress. He smirked beneath his mask. "It seems I can obtain what I want, but to simply take it without effort... that doesn't sit well with me. Let's see how far this group will go just to get what they want... how far will each of them fall once reality sets in?"

Xeranad laughed his head off at this, that high, sharp, cold cackle that makes everyone tremble. He opened his portal and spoke once more. "Wessel, I hope everything in Escartes has been taken care of?"

"Of kourse, mein maester. Everythink is go-ink as planned..." Wessel responded in a thick guttural manner.

"Very well. Continue with the plan. King Gallon spurned my offer... and look where he is now... at the bottom of a ravine being eaten by wolves."

The End

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