Chapter 3: Civilized SavageryMature

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Lynn chuckled gently. "Well, Aria, you can't judge the Lamia on base instincts. For them, leaving something to waste is pointless. Make use of everything available. Though, trust me when I say you DON'T want to see what they do to each other corpses... Not only is it ugly, but it's also downright dangerous." Lynn explained. She had read over her grandmother, her, notes on hte subject, and trusted them. That, and watching the event occur during the fall helped cement the fact.

Conrad chuckled. "Hey, at least it good to know that any bodies we pile behind us aren't gonna simply be there... Besides, what's savage and what's not is simply a matter of perspective. Simply put, what's considered savage implies it was done without thought or care. Now, I may not be the think tank Lynn is, but generally, savagery is only implied by those who feel themselves civilized." Conrad said, shrugging somewhat, as Lynn nodded to what Conrad was saying. While he was right in not being the think tank she was, he was more down to earth, more feeling of the situation while she figured angles, information, and organized them into understandable trains of thought.

Lynn then walked over to Conrad's pack and cloak, and handed him them, and while he put the pack on, followed by his cloak, Lynn went and grabbed her pack and messenger-style bag with her notes and sketches. "Well, if everyone is ready, shall we?"

The End

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