Chapter 3: Please Stop the FillerMature

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Kara slithers up next to both Aria and Conrad, stretches. Kara looks over at Conrad, "sorrry, we did not save any of the meal for you--everybody seemed rather hungry that it disappeared rather quickly."

Aria gags and makes an odd face. Conrad notes this and asks, "food allergy?"

Kara shrugs, "I guess. I may be able to figure out what herbs I can use to help Aria out--food allergies will not help us out of the road."

Aria looks a little cross, "what?! No--I am not allergic! Just I have no idea how you could eat that creature--I mean..."

"Well, either we eat it, and judging from how quickly it was gone, it was well needed. Or it is left to rot. I mean, it is not like I went out to hunt it--it was a mishap that Karkid had while playing."

"But you defiled its corpse!"

"No, I did not. I made certain to apologise for its misfortune, and thanked the dog for the strength it would give us."

Conrad, still looking at the city simply sighs, "Well--I guess if I am going to consider myself exile, it would be best that I am with some people who sound like they live close to the land."

Aria glares at Conrad, "close to the land!? What Kara did was savage! I mean, it does not make us any better than that bastard dark lord. How can we fight him like this?"

Kara yawns in a motions that had her jaw detach for the yawn, "I am not here to fight him. Dark Lords come and go. Sometimes with a lot of fuss about it--in some cases their empire just sorts of crumbles and is gone. I am here to tend to any injured people that I come by. Now then", Kara turns her head, Fujitsu, Click and Karkid had caught up, "we were off to the city?"

The End

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