Chapter 3: Or is it?Mature

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"Great day, I gotta' admit." Click smiled, taking another bite.

Kara nodded.

"Yea, but it'd be better if timey-wimey gibbery stuff would happen already. We already know it's going to happen, the question is when." Fujitsu stated, "UNLESS IT'S HAPPENING NOW!!" He jumped up and looked both ways, then sat down and started eating again, "It's not."

Karkid ripped a piece off his leg, then covered his mouth while he ate. It wasn't out of being polite, so much as keeping the food in. Eating is hard without lips.

Kara looked over, "Oh, hold a bit." She slithered off, grabbing a leaf then cut a tree with her dagger, covering the top with sap, then came back. She then put over his mouth, sticking it on. Karkid went back to eating a lot happier this time. He made some wierd happy noises.

Click smiled, then it all suddenly hit him. He had ate with people before, but this was different. The odd mother-character taking care of the baby, ugly baby, but a baby. The baby also being a bit like that little brother no one really knows if he's normal or something. Then Fujitsu, the older brother who you KNOW isn't normal, but, he couldn't help but admire. Off somewhere else was Aria, the younger sister that didn't know what she was capable of. He suddenly had a family again. Click smiled finishing off the leg.

The End

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