Chapter 3: Mmmm... Dog....Mature

(Originally posted by Harlot on Fri Nov 13, 2009)

Kara was cooking something on the fire--it appeared to be mammalian and quadraped. However, its fur had been removed and was fairly roasted. Karkid was sitting, pouting a little. He had been throwing rocks at the dog. It one hit it and appeared to have brained it. Kara, noting that not even warming up this dog would revive it insisted that Karkid eat it as he had killed it. Karkid did not like to reflect on the idea that if he killed something his adoptive mother would insist that the corpse not go to waste.

As Kara was cooking this dead dog she had already removed any organs, minerals and parts that she could use in a medical manner. She was working on preparing them, so that they would not go bad. Aria walks in and looks a little shocked, "uh--why are you cooking?"

Kara looks over, "well Karkid harmed this creature beyond repair. He was going to just leave it."

Karkid whimpers. Aria shudders at the concept that Kara just presented here. Kara breaks off a leg and offers it to Aria, "you are welcome to have some."

Aria politely refuses, "uh--maybe some other time. We are heading back to town."

Click walks to where they are, "Kara, are you cooking dog?" Click smells the air and considers that he may need to eat, food rarely smelt this good unless he had been starving for days. It is not like Click had not eaten worse than this. When you are hungry, the phrase, "food is food" takes on new philosophical meanings. Click sits down and says, "maybe I can eat a little before we leave."

The End

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